Steps to Introducing our Services

We receive an inquiry from you either using an inquiry form available at this website, or over the telephone.
A member of our staff calls you back for the details of your requirements and preferences.
We also offer consultation on accounting plans. We look forward to hearing from you.

[ Telephone Inquiries ]
  • STEP01
  • Sending necessary documents.

    Please send us the necessary documents.

    Documents necessary for application
    ・EIC member store registration application
    ・EIC service application
    ・Copy of customer’s credit card
    ・Corporate customers : Copy of registration or original of seal registration certificate
    ・Individuals running their own business : certificate of residence or original of seal registration certificate

    * Depending on the details of the contract, other documents may be required.
  • STEP02
  • Screening

    We will screen all customer applications for the information in them as well as the details of their website contents.
  • STEP03
  • Payment into account specified by EIC

    After the screening process, we will mail an invoice for the starting contract fee (initial charges).
    We request that you deposit the sum into the account specified by us.
  • STEP04
  • System connection and operation testing

    We will set up the system and confirm that the settlement system is working properly on both sides.
  • STEP05
  • Start of Operations

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