Credit settlement services for Mobile phone-based websites

We handle the rapidly-growing mobile phone commerce.


Credit transactions are an indispensable aspect of the mobile phone commerce market, which is growing with amazing speed.
The EIC mobile phone settlement service is able to handle all carriers (i-mode, EZweb, and Yahoo! Keitai), and allows you to smoothly settle your shopping accounts as well as monthly usage accounts.
We also have a perfectly secure system in place that allows you, as a user, to feel completely safe about using our services.

Implementation step

Credit settlement services for Computer-based websites

We offer trustworthy and speedy settlement services.


Safety and security of transactions are our first priority, and the most important thing for us is that users are able to use our services without any fears.
Since credit transactions are indispensable in e-commerce, we make our best efforts to promote speedy introduction of our services and other related support to improve sales for member stores.

Implementation step

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